Why put on boxing tapes?

Why put on boxing tapes?

Boxers, regardless of the type of boxing (Muay Thai, KickBoxing, English Boxing …) cannot afford to train or participate in competitions without quality boxing gloves or without bandages for the hands.

The more we evolve in boxing, the better our technique. This means that we strike harder and harder and in general, the more powerful our punches are, the more there is a risk of hand injury. Obviously, learning to hit correctly, including clenching your fists tightly on impact can mitigate the risk to some extent. While boxing gloves are the most obvious method of protection, hand wrap is just as important. This is why we will answer the most common questions about boxing bands.

Why put on boxing tapes ?

Wrapping your hands with boxing bands (or bandages) protects the most important part for a boxer, his hands. The hands are a very fragile part of the body and are made up of many small joints and small bones which could easily fracture under the impact of the repetition of punches.

Wrap your hands secure the joints of your hand and help spread the shock after a punch and also add additional protection for your thumb.

If we have to summarize the advantages of wearing boxing tapes in 5 points:

  • Protect the joints

  • Stabilizes the wrist

  • Protect the thumb

  • Absorbs sweating

  • Best glove intake

How to choose the right type of bandages ?

Choosing the type of tapes depends on the feeling of the boxer. We can’t really advise one guy over another. You will have to test so that you take what suits you best.

Gauze strip

Professional boxers prefer to wrap their hands in gauze bands, then fix them using a series of adhesive tapes, such as the gaffa ribbon. Mastering this technique may take some time. It’s the vast majority of the time professional teams do it. It is therefore recommended to be assisted by someone from the start. It is the lightest and most protective way to wrap your hands, and it is worth it.

Cotton bandage

These are standard bandages, available from a number of major brands, and which are available in different lengths and colors. The cotton bands are 2.5 to 5 m long in length and, in general, the more you want significant protection, the longer you want the strip to be long, so that you have more material to wrap your hands.

Elastic bandage “Mexican style”

Elastic bandages for the hands offer greater elasticity than the others, which means that they are mobile and adapt to your hands when they perform boxing movements. They do not relax during combat or training. Again, it’s a matter of personal preference: try the two types of tapes and see what helps you with your performance. This type of band, however, resists shorter time than the traditional ones, due to its elasticity.

How ideal size is for boxing bands ?

On the market you will find boxing bands of different sizes and widths. The length can range from 2.5 to 5m and the width from 4 to 5 cm. For the ideal size, it all depends on the size of your hands and therefore on the amount necessary to wrap your hands properly.

Again, it is the feeling that will make the difference in boxing. It’s best to try the different sizes. If you cannot afford to try, we recommend the longest possible bands, 5m for a width of 5cm. These tapes will normally give you more grip.

Mitaines (under gloves) or Boxing bands ?

You may also have heard of mittens, which are not really bandages. Their appearance and touch are very different and their main advantage is that they are much faster to use and that they slip in like gloves. They support the joints well, do not cover the fingers and many boxers have found that they offer less protection for the wrists than their counterparts.

The main reason for choosing mittens is the practical aspect, especially since they can sometimes cost more expensive than traditional bandages. It is worth knowing, because they may suit you and your training program.

However, and after several years of practice, we still advise using in bands instead of mittens.

How to put on boxing bands ?

  1. Your hand should be held open in a relaxed position, with your fingers apart. Start by placing your thumb on your hand. Bring the tape on the back of your hand and wrap it around your wrist 2 or 3 times. Be sure to wrap yourself high enough on your wrist to maximize support. Be careful not to tighten your bandage too much. You want to keep your hands wrapped for the duration of your training, fight … but be careful that the bandage does not cut your blood flow.

  2. Starting from the wrist, pass the strip on the back of your hand and around your palm, then on the top of your joints.

  3. Wrap the joint area 2 to 3 times. Then go back down to your wrist and roll up the then go up, forming an “X” on the back of the hand. Repeat the “X” 2 or 3 times.

  4. Continue to go around the palm of your hand to the base of your thumb. Wrap completely around your thumb and turn to your wrist on the palm side of your hand. It is important to prevent the strip from twisting during thumb wrapping.

  5. Continue to wrap yourself around the back of the hand to the thumb and once again wrap your thumb but this time in the opposite direction.

  6. Wrap your thumb on your back and around your wrist.

  7. Continue around your wrist, on the back of your hand and through the space between your little finger and your ring finger. Wrap around your palm towards your wrist and repeat the steps for each finger. Make sure the tape is as flat as possible and does not twist.

  8. Once the last finger is completed, bring the bandage on the palm to your wrist.

  9. Continue to wrap your back towards your joints.

  10. Wrap the top of the joints and the back of the hand to the wrist once again.

  11. Secure your wrist with the rest of the tape. Be sure to wrap it properly to support your wrist.

  12. Attach the boxing band with the scratch.

Below is one of the best explanatory videos made on the Export Boxing channel

The method we show you is the best we think. However, there are many ways to put your tapes. Your coaches or other professional or amateur boxers may advise you on another method. However, boxing is a sensational sport. One method may suit you and may not suit someone else. The main thing is your feelings. And you will see that with the experience of training, you will adjust little things in your boxing bandage so that it suits you perfectly.

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