Why are tops all addicted to boxing?

Why are tops all addicted to boxing?

At Girls & Fight, combat sports are a vocation ! Krav Maga, Judo, English Boxing, Full Contact, … Anyway. Both practitioners for more than 10 years, combat sports have become an art of living for us. We wanted to share with you our passion.

What exactly does it bring ? First, EXPENDITURE !

Let off steam like never before !

Combat sports allow you to spend yourself first ! Indeed, during an hour-long boxing session you will burn 600 to 1000 calories and 800 to 1000 calories for one hour of judo. Different exercises vary in intensity levels and help improve your cardiovascular system. High intensity exercises such as shadowboxing or fighting require a very strong energy contribution over a very short period of time (principle of sport in fractional).

And this strong demand for physical effort will exhaust you, but good ! It’s good fatigue Spending a lot forces you to focus on the exercises and clear your head. This physical fatigue replaces mental fatigue and gives you a feeling of being well at the end of the session. Goodbye worries for an hour ! What could be better than hitting a pao at the end of the day to let off steam ?

In addition to coming out soaked and Zen from training you will develop your muscle tone !

Improve its sports capabilities

What parts of the body are developed ?

Combat sports are quite complete. Sports such as English boxing mainly solicit upper body with a practice focused on the arms, shoulders and bust (without forgetting the abs !). Taekwondo practitioners will work more on the legs. Their bent position and repetitive jump movements require a high concentration of the thighs, calves and glutes. Other sports solicit both upper and lower body muscle groups, such as French boxing (savate), karate and krav-maga for example.

What types of effort ?

Your body will be trained in several types of effort:

  • Explosiveness: to carry out short and isolated action sequences. This is the case with judo shots which require a high speed of execution to surprise his opponent
  • Muscle robotess: it protects against opposing strikes and apprehends blows
  • Endurance: to maintain an effective guard or protection position throughout a fight
  • Sheathing: to keep your opponent close to you in gripping sports (jujitsu, judo, luta free, etc.)
  • Strength: to increase the effectiveness of the blows struck

Certain disciplines such as striking sports such as boxing will further increase your muscle robustness in the abdominal strap (reinforced concrete abs !) and cervical to reduce the impact of blows to the body and the head. Other gripping disciplines such as Brazilian jujitsu improve the endurance and cladding of muscles, especially forearms, with the maintenance of kimono.

Enjoy !

A multitude of exercises !

During a combat sports session, you will have to perform exercises of all kinds. If you are like me and you are on the move fairly quickly, combat sports are made for you. Between the katas (sequences of imposed movements representing a combat technique in certain martial arts such as karate or kung fu) the fights, muscle reinforcement exercises, technical exercises, explosiveness exercises, force exercises, travel exercises … well no time to get bored for a second !

The icing on the cake: develop your flexibility

After all that there are still advantages ? Eh yes ! You have let off steam, you have had fun, you have developed your physical form, you will also improve your flexibility. In some disciplines flexibility exercises are integrated directly into heating, in others working certain shots (high kick for example) promotes the development of your flexibility.

Whatever your goal: keep your shape, develop your cardio, sculpt yourself, lose weight, practice regular activity … you will find the sport (or) combat sports that match you !

So when do you get started ? Girls & Fight will accompany you in your new practice !

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