When all your pos’ come from the same proxy?

When all your pos’ come from the same proxy?


In this article, we will examine the 5 main lists of free proxies and carry out a comparative analysis.

The idea is not only to talk about the different functionalities they offer, but also to test their reliability. We will examine and compare response times, errors and success rates on popular websites like Google and Amazon.

There is a type of proxy to meet all of your specific needs, and you can always start with a free proxy server. This is especially true if you want to use it as a scrap proxy.

Let’s see the list of the 5 best free proxies:

  • ScrapingBee
  • ProxyScrape
  • Free-proxy.cz
  • freeproxylists.net

Let us return to the details of each of them now.

I know I know… It seems a bit pushy to talk about our service immediately, but this article is not an advertisement. We have spent a lot of time and effort on the comparative analysis of these services, and I think it is fair to compare these lists of free proxy to the ScrapingBee API.

If you intend to use a proxy for web scraping, think of ScrapingBee. Although some of the best features are in the paid version, you can get 1,000 free credits when you register. This service is distinguished by the fact that even free users have access to assistance and that the IP addresses to which you have access are safer and more reliable.

The functionality that ScrapingBee includes in free credits is better than any other free proxy that you find in the lists below.

One of the most interesting features is the rotation of proxys, which allows you to bypass websites with limited throughput. This helps you hide the proxy scraping robots and reduces the risk of blocking through a website.

You can also find code snippets in Python, NodeJS, PHP, Go, and several for web scrapers. ScrapingBee even has its own API, which makes it even easier to scrap web. You don’t have to worry about security leaks or the slowness of the proxy, because access to proxy servers is limited.

You can customize items like your geolocation, transferred headers and cookies that are sent in queries. ScrapingBee automatically blocks advertisements and images to speed up your requests.

Another advantage: if your requests return a status code other than 200, you are not billed for this credit. You only have to pay for successful requests.

Even if ScrapingBee’s free plan is excellent, if you plan to use a lot of scraper sites, you will need to move on to a paid plan. Then, of course, if you have any problems, you can contact the team to find out what happened.

With the free proxys on the lists below, you will not receive any assistance. You will need to make sure that your information is secure and you will have to deal with blocking IP addresses and the slowness of queries when multiple users connect to the same proxy.


If you are looking for a list of completely free proxies servers, ProxyScrape is one of the main lists of available proxies servers. One of the most interesting functions is the ability to download the list of proxies servers to an .txt file. This can be useful if you want to run a large number of proxy scrapers simultaneously on different IP addresses

You can even filter free proxy lists by country, by level of anonymity and whether or not you use an SSL connection. This allows you to find the type of proxy you want to use faster than with many other lists where you need to scroll a page, looking in the columns of the table.

ProxyScrape even offers different types of proxies. You still have access to HTTP proxies, and you can find lists of Socks4 and Socks5 proxies. There are not as many filters available for the Socks4 and Socks5 lists, but you can select the country you want to use.

ProxyScrape API currently works with Python and there are only four types of API requests you can make. It is important to remember that none of the proxys on the lists you get from this website are guaranteed to be safe. Free proxys can be hosted by anyone or any entity, so you will use these proxys at your own risk.

They have a premium service available where they host datacenter proxies. These are generally more secure than free services. These proxys are subject to increased monitoring in order to guarantee a constant operating time and to prevent IP addresses from being added to the blocking lists.

Another interesting tool is an online proxy verifier. It allows you to enter the IP addresses of some of the free proxies you have found and test them to see if they are still working. When trying to do web scraping, you want to make sure your proxy doesn’t disconnect in the middle of the process and it’s a way to keep an eye on the connection.


3. free-proxy.cz

Free-proxy.cz is one of the first free proxy list sites. The site has not been the subject of much maintenance, so it still has the user interface of a site in the early 2000s, but if you are simply looking for free proxies servers, it has ‘a big list. One thing you will find here that is different from other proxy list sites is a list of free web proxies.

Web proxys are generally performed on server side scripts like PHProxy, Glype or CGIProxy. The list is also pre-filtered to avoid duplication, so there are no repetitive IP addresses. In addition, the list of other proxy servers in their database is unique.

On the home page is a table with all the free proxies they have found. You can filter proxys by country, protocol and level of anonymity. You can sort the filtered array according to the speed of the proxy, the operating time, the response time and the last status check. The table presents paginated results, so using the sorting function will save you time.

There is also a tool “Proxies by category” under the table which allows you to watch free proxies by country and region. This makes it easier to browse the results table and find exactly what you need. This is the best way to navigate this list of free proxies because there are thousands available.

Another useful tool is “My IP Address”. It will tell you all about the IP address you use to connect to the site. It will show you the location, the proxy variables and other useful information about your current connection. It even goes so far as to show your location on Google Maps.

It’s a good way to test a proxy server.


Freeproxylists is simple to use. The home page displays a table of all the free proxies that have been found. Like many other sites in this article, you can sort the table by country, port number, operating time and other parameters. The results are paginated, so you will have to click on several pages to see everything available.

It has a simple filtering function at the top of the page which allows you to limit the number of results displayed in the table. If you are concerned about using a proxy from a specific country, you can go to the “By country” section. You will then get a list of all the countries represented by the free proxys and the number of proxys available for each country.

The downside is that you will not be able to download the proxy list from this website. This is probably one of the most basic free proxy lists you will find online for your web scrapers. However, this service has a good reputation compared to the thousands of other lists available, and the proxys you will find here work at least.

This list appears to be updated frequently, but they do not share the frequency of updates. You will find free proxys here, but it would be best to use another tool to check if the proxy you want to use is still available.

An email address is available on the site if you have any questions, but you should not expect a quick response time. Unlike other free proxy sites, there is no paid or premium version of the proxy lists or additional tools, such as proxy scrapers.


Overall analysis of results

Now that we have examined the various free proxies available on the market, it is time to compare the success rates of all the proxies on the list:

The biggest problem with all these proxys was the rate of errors on the proxy: timeouts, network errors, HTTPS.. whatever you want.

Then, especially for Google and Instagram, most queries have been blocked with “worked” proxies (that is, proxies that do not produce timeouts or network errors). This can be explained by the fact that Google is strongly solicited by tools such as the Scrapebox / Screaming Frog spider.

These are SEO tools used to obtain keyword suggestions, exploit Google and generate reports. They have an integrated mechanism to collect these lists of free proxys, and many referenceers use them. These proxys are therefore overused on Google and are often blocked.

Overall , apart from ScrapingBee of course, Freeproxylists.net seems to have the best proxies, but as you can see, it’s not that great either.

FAQ – Understanding Proxies

What is a proxy server ?

A free proxy server is a proxy server to which you can connect without the need for special identification information and there are a large number online. The most important thing you should consider is the source of the proxy. Since proxys take your information and redirect it through a different IP address, they always have access to all the Internet requests you make.

While there are many reputable free proxys for web scraping, there are just as many proxys hosted by hackers or government agencies.

You send your requests to a third party and the third party has the option of seeing all the unencrypted data from your computer or telephone.

What are the proxies for ?

Whether you want to collect data without the websites blocking your web scrapers or need to bypass the debit limits, there is a way to protect your privacy.

The proxies contribute to the security of your online activity by routing all your requests through a different IP address. Websites are unable to follow you when they do not have the original IP address of your request.

Even if you find a free, trustworthy proxy, using it still poses some problems. They can send incredibly slow responses if there are a lot of users on the proxy at the same time. Some of them are unreliable and can disappear without warning and never return.

Proxys can also inject advertisements into the data returned to your computer.

In the context of web scraping, most users start by using a free proxy. In general, you do not send sensitive information with your requests, which is why many people feel comfortable using them for this purpose. However, you may not want a website to know that you are scraping it for its data.

You could do a market study to find out more about your competitors through web scraping. You can also do web scraping to build a list of prospects.

Many users do not want a website to be aware of these kinds of activities. One of the main reasons why users turn to free proxies for web scraping is that they do not plan to do it often. Let’s say you sell software to restaurant owners. You may want to scratch a list of restaurants to collect their phone number. This is a one-off task, so you can use free proxies for it.

You can get the information you need on a site, then disconnect from the proxy without any problems.

The proxies are not perfect

Although free proxys are perfect for web scraping, they are still not secure. A malicious proxy could change the HTML code on the page you requested and give you false information. You also run the risk that the proxy you are currently using will disconnect at any time without warning. Finally, the IP address of the proxy you are using can be blocked by websites if many people use it for malicious reasons.

Free proxys have their uses and there are thousands of lists available with IP addresses of free proxys and their statuses. Some lists offer better quality proxies than others and you also have the option of using specific proxy services. You will get to know several of these lists and services to help you start your search for the best option for your scrap proxy.


When trying to use web scraping to get information about competitors, find email addresses or get other data from a website, using a proxy will help protect your identity and avoid ” add your true IP address to any locklist. Proxy scrapers help you keep your robots safe and explore the pages for as long as you want.

Although there are many lists of free proxies online, they do not all contain the same quality of proxies. Be aware of the risks associated with using free proxys. You may connect to a proxy hosted by a hacker or a government agency, or simply by someone who tries to insert their advertisements in each response sent back by a website.

This is why it is best to use free proxy services from websites you trust.

Having a list of free proxys gives you the advantage of not having to worry about blacklists, because if an IP address is blocked, you can switch to another proxy without too much worry.

If you need to use the same IP address several times for your web scraping, it is worth paying for a service that has support and manages its own proxys so that you don’t have to worry that they break down at the worst time.


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