What is the best pellet pan?

What is the best pellet pan?

With more than 1,000 references on the market, it is difficult to find the pellet pan which ideally corresponds to its need. Thermal Tips offers you a selection of the best pellets with granules, classified by theme, to orient themselves more quickly.

  • Best silent stove
  • Best quality / price ratio
  • Simplest interview
  • Best waterproof stove
  • Most versatile granular stove
  • Most intuitive stove
  • Most innovative stove

The best stove with silent granules

The noise of a pellet stove is for many the first criterion of choice. On this point, high-end manufacturers stand out with expensive products, of course, but comfortable from a sound point of view over their entire power range.

With regard to natural convection stoves (without fan to propel heat), the Rika brand will be retained by highlighting the Livo model which remains accessible (6 kW, around 3,100 € HT). The sound level fluctuates between 32 and 36 dB, we are close to absolute silence thanks to its synchronous motor-reducer.

Rika and Hoben, silent pellet stoves

On the side of the ventilated devices, the stoves of the French manufacturer Hoben appear very well classified on our comparison of noise with values between 35 and 41 dB. Difficult to do better with a wind tunnel. We will retain the H7 Classic model (8 kW, around 4,500 € HT).

To go further on this point, discover our top 20 silent stoves.

The best design pellet stove

Design is also a key parameter in the sale of a device and brands have understood this. So there are design devices in all manufacturers. We will retain here the Italian brand Jolly Mec which still manages to stand out by offering very worked products: purified lines, ventilation without apparent grid, connection of smoke on the top, remote control, facade in tempered glass. We will cite the round pellet Jolly Mec Botero 2 (8 or 10 kW, around 4,000 € HT).

The “concept” stove Stuv P10 with its partly high orientable combustion chamber also deserves its place in this category.

Please note, however, many round devices have the particularity of having two panes: a first “flat” which provides sealing, a second “curve” for design. This system cuts a large part of the radiation in front and will not necessarily be suitable for everyone.

The best granular stove quality / price ratio

On the side of the ventilated stoves, we can retain the MCZ brand which offers very good services for a reasonable price: quality equipment (door, crucible and top in cast iron) continuous motor-reducer, well balanced breakdown, ceramic candle, connection from above on many models, automatic power management, thermostat deported and recently, a Smartphone interface called Maestro de series.

For this selection, we will retain the MCZ Ego (8 or 10 kW, from 3,000 € HT) and MCZ Club (10, 12 or 14 kW, from 3,200 € HT) models.

For natural convection stoves, Haas + Sohn offers silent stoves from € 2,200 HT. See our test on the HSP2 model.

In any case, if you are considering buying a pellet pan, you will have to put the companies in competition to get the best price.

For this, Thermal Councils is associated with several partners in order to put you in touch with local artisans certified RGE. You will be able to study several technical and commercial proposals free of charge and without commitment.

These energy renovation works give right to subsidies (energy premium). If you already have a quote (unsigned), you can still claim it.

The granulated stove at the best price

In specialized networks, Cadel clearly offers the lowest prices. The material makes a worse bill than for MCZ for example: lighter devices, more basic aesthetics, all steel finish … but use level, the stove does the job. We will retain the Sweet 3 model certified waterproof which was rather silent during our test (6 kW, from 1,500 € HT).

In large DIY areas, the Freepoint and Invicta brands offer inexpensive but functional products. The Atrium (5 kW, 1,500 € TTC) and Nola (8 kW, 1,600 € TTC) models can be noted. You can find our tests for Freepoint Globe and Invicta Nola 8 devices to find out more.

On the internet, you find even cheaper while maintaining a good level of service. Indeed, French technicians provide after-sales service and can be reached directly by telephone during the week. See for example the tests of the Interstoves, Top Chaleur or Mypoele stoves to find out more. These offers are intended, however, for experienced handymen:

The best pellet stove in terms of autonomy and maintenance

The standard tank for a pellet stove is approximately 17 kg, which allows you to house a bag for a range of approximately 24 hours. Some models go further to space recharges. The Rika Domo pellet stove clearly stands out here with its 50 kg tank for 3 to 4 days of autonomy. In addition, the automatic decay grid allows continuous operation. Every 6 hours, the crucible “opens” to drop the ashes in the drawer, which allows you to be a little less rigorous in maintenance.

The rotation of the burner’s lower grid drops the ashes into the tank below.

The Cogra Harman Allure device also deserves its place in this category with its 41 kg tank and its continuous stand-alone decay system. In this case, the granules are fed from below.

Cogra Harman pellet stoves do not require daily maintenance. Photos: Cogra Harman

As a result, the new pellets arriving in the hearth continually “pulse” the ashes present in the crucible. The cleaning frequency is therefore much lower than on the other models (every 2 months approximately against every 2 days usually).

The best waterproof pellet

A waterproof pellet can be installed in zones 1, 2 and 3 while traditional stoves can only be placed in zone 1. We can see here Palazzetti who was in the first to offer models certified as watertight by the CSTB (Scientific and Technical Center of the Building) and who manufactures the watertight ranges of many brands (Chazelles, Turbo Fonte, Jotul, Casatelli …).

We will retain here the Palazzetti Béatrice granulated stove certified waterproof which authorizes with a connection of the fumes on the top in concentric duct for a gain of space. See feedback on this model (6 or 9 kW, from € 3,000 HT).

Note that most manufacturers now offer certified watertight devices in their range.

The most versatile granular stove

Here we can see the Multifuoco system of Piazzetta (distributed by Seguin). Granulated stoves are fitted with a ventilation from below with one or two fans.

Many possibilities are offered:

  • Orient the fans for a better distribution of heat (1 to the kitchen, 1 to the living room)
  • Channel 1 fan to an adjacent room (closed kitchen)
  • Channel 2 fans to 2 adjacent rooms (closed kitchen + office). The living room is then heated by natural convection (without fan)

Check out our Piazzetta P163T model test to find out more.

The best intuitive granule pan

The control panels of pellet stoves are generally not very intuitive, in particular with regard to fine adjustments such as programming. Smartphone type tactile interfaces are still rare. We can cite the brands Harman, Hoben and Rika which have developed a tailor-made interface for their devices. Haas + Sohn also offers an exclusive, non-tactile, but very easy-to-use control panel with only 4 keys and a large screen.

Check the Hoben H6, Rika Sumo or Haas + Sohn HSP6 models to get all the elements.

The most innovative granular stove

We end this panorama by evoking the recent Nobis brand which markets a fairly innovative product on the market. The brand succeeds in offering a very silent device thanks to the diffusion of heat by natural convection and an endless screw inaudible, like Rika.

The stove is equipped with more than a frontal ventilation (activable or not with envy) but also with one or two pipes (also activatable with envy) to heat additional spaces. Its use is therefore very versatile. An automatic decay system also allows you to space the interviews.

In the end, the Nobis stove concentrates most of the advantages of recent pellet stoves while remaining on an average price. The only shadow on the board, the tank considered impractical. Check out our Nobis stove test to find out more.

Conclusion: What is the best pellet pan ?

Difficult, unless there is a commercial interest, to assert that there is A better granular stove than all the others. The market has many quality devices. To be well oriented, the priority remains to select a competent installer who can guide you in your choice. In particular, it is necessary to define the technology adapted to the home (natural or forced convection, channelable or not) and the necessary power. The choice of model then depends on each person’s priorities: noise level, budget, tightness, maintenance, ease of use …

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