Top 20 – Gift ideas for a boxing fan?

Top 20 – Gift ideas for a boxing fan?

You are looking to surprise a boxing fan ? A member of your entourage practices boxing and you want to give him a gift ? You won a match and you want to give a gift to your team to thank them ?

Whether you get closer to the end of year celebrations or the birthday of the person concerned, you are absolutely right to want to offer him a gift related to the universe of noble art.

Among the best gifts are for example:

  • A Poster Mike Tyson
  • A Fight ball Reflex
  • Boxing gloves
  • A strike bag
  • An iPhone Rocky Balboa shell

In this article would present you the best gifts for :

  • Fans of boxing, the history of noble art and the icons that are part of it
  • Amateurs who box solo or club
  • And even those who are not really linked to the world of boxing, but who appreciate certain icons of this sport.

Hardcore practitioners always stuffed with Boxing Gym, pros, coaches.

13. The Fight Ball-Reflex

Also called Reflex Ball, fightball is the perfect surprise for everyone who wants to import their boxing gym home.

The Fight-ball is a small foam ball connected to an elastic band which is hung on a headband that the boxer puts around his head, allowing him to train in the jabs, to dodges quite simply, she develops the boxer’s reflexes and is perfectly suited to beginners as well as to the most hardened.

It is an original and fun gift that will have its little effect. Everyone will want to try it immediately !

12. Post Mike Tyson

If there is one boxer who is unanimous in boxers, it is Mike Tyson. This fierce monster has dominated its category for many years. As powerful as it was quick, this world champion imposed his style in the 80s and 90s and even put the gloves back on Roy Jones Jr, in November 2020 at the age of 54 after 15 years of retirement !

It has to be one of the idols of the person you want to open a boxing gift to. A Mike Tyson’s Web on a wall is an essential piece for a boxing lover, it will motivate him at a glance and make him want to surpass himself on a daily basis !

11. Sweat Mohamed Ali

A Boxing fan must always own Mohamed Ali’s clothing. This boxer is such a legend that he deserves to be honored with a sweatshirt in his likeness.

Mohamed Ali is an icon in the world of boxing but not only. Known for his rebellious temper. He was a heavyweight world champion, then stripped of his titles for facing the government at the time. But he reclaimed his belts years later. His unparalleled boxing style earned him the title of best boxer of all time for many purists.

When you offer Mohamed Ali’s sweatshirt , ask the person who receives it to inaugurate it by imitating the leg game of the legend, this step is absolutely essential to be able to wear our sweatshirts properly ! ⁇

10. Inflatable punchingball

You want to please a boxer ? Well do the boxer !
An inflatable punching bag turns out to be a much appreciated gift, because you can install it everywhere at home.

Be aware that if it has a good height, an inflatable punching bag can delight children, but also older children. No need for boxing gloves, fill the water or sand base and go off to have a good time !

9. Boxing gloves

In addition to being the biggest symbol of English boxing, boxing gloves are the main equipment of the boxer.

The more pairs of gloves a boxer has, the better, yes you can never get enough ! Offer him the opportunity to have fun on a punching bag or in a gym, to do like those idols who go up in the ring in front of millions of spectators.

For the English boxing practitioner, boxing gloves represent his weapons, his best allies, during combat, it is they who will strike the opponent with all his might. Beautiful boxing gloves are a pride for the boxer.

8. Mohamed Ali table

That you are looking for a motivating, inspiring and memorable gift for a boxing fan, this painting Mohamed Ali will cause a sensation every time. The posture of the champion is iconic and has earned him to assert his notoriety as a boxer many times.

Imagine the reaction of those around you when he discovers this original painting in the image of his idol. In addition to pleasing every time, the frame version is made in with solid and light wood. Very easy to install, he can put it where he wants.

7. Full Boxe Brooklyn Boxing

When you are very interested in English boxing, you always want to show those around you what our passion is ! And this perfect English boxing sweater for those who want to show that they love noble art while remaining discreet.

The Brooklyn neighborhood was an area where English boxing was very important, in particular, because it was the club or Mohamed Ali, then Mike Tyson years later.

This boxing sweater is a perfect gift for those who want to offer a piece of clothing related to the world of boxing. Safe from the cold, whoever opens the gift can only thank you !

6. Rocky Balboa T-shirt

What a Rocky fan has never dreamed of climbing the steps of Philadelphia, or jogging with the music “the Eyes of the Tiger” in his ears. Offer a Rocky t-shirt to any boxer and it’s victory guaranteed !

He will remember these mythical scenes from the famous saga with Rocky, Adrian Apollo and all his iconic adversaries like Clubber, Apollo or the Russian titan Drago !

5. Rocky Balboa smartphone shell

Because phones need protection to resist the blows of everyday life, you can think of personalizing it in the colors of your favorite sport.

Our shop has a wide range of smartphone hulls, whether you are a fan of Mohamed Ali, Mike Tyson, or characters from the manga Hajime no Ippo you will necessarily find a cover adapted to your mobile.

An iPhone Rocky Balboa shell will always have its small effect with those around you !

4. Citation stickers

Whether for a room, the gym or even your living room, wall stickers are great products. It’s an efficient and often cheaper quick way to decorate your room.
Our wall stickers wonderfully reflect the world of English boxing.
An original gift idea would be our wall sticker which takes up the quote from Mohamed Ali “flight like a butterfly and spades like a bee. This iconic quote that is attributed to Mohamed Ali (but which comes more from his corner man) would be a perfect surprise !

The boxing fan could fix it wherever he wants and even move it whenever he wants.

3. Figurine Rocky Balboa

We enter the podium with a figurine from the famous Rocky Balboa performed by Sylvester Stallone, this present probably one of the best gifts a Rocky fan can receive. To display alone or in its box. The legendary Italian Standard must be part of the decoration of each boxer ! A victorious pose decorated with the American flag, this figurine resumes the outfit which he wore from the 3rd opus of the saga, when he faced Clubber Lang.

2. Vintage boxing poster

Because it was considered the poor man’s opera for decades English boxing is a sport or more time passes the more these beautiful years are the object of a certain nostalgia.

A vintage poster is a unique element for creating an atmosphere that is noble, elegant and old-school. This poster of Boxing Gloves will delight any boxing fan, boxing gloves being the symbol of noble art, they represent all the sweat released by the boxers of yesteryear.

1. Boxing shoe

We boxers don’t need a lot of different equipment to practice our sport. Apart from gloves and shoes, the rest is more or less optional.
But a boxer must have a good pair of shoes, not only to imitate the famous leg game of Mohamed Ali, but to keep the boxer on these supports during his sports.
Indeed, you may not know it yet, but the real power of punches, comes from great support on the ground. A good pair of boxing shoes will make the boxer’s stain much easier.

You now know what to offer boxers, whether they are a simple fan or a pro !

Here, we sincerely hope that this ranking of gift ideas will please you and that it will help you in your future purchases.

If still hesitates, take a look at our online store, we offer hundreds of other products that all revolve around the world of English Boxing.

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