Inner architecture software: how to choose in 2020?

Inner architecture software: how to choose in 2020?

Interior architects and decorators use digital solutions to establish 2D and 3D plans for their customers. The LILM team has prepared a selection for you to find the best interior architecture software. The digital solutions that we offer you there exist in free version and in paid version. Of course, the free version will lack functionality for a professional and will therefore be better suited to resourceful amateurs. Also, some software is to be downloaded, others are online solutions directly. However, in recent years solutions have migrated to the 100% web. Finally, the following order is not intended to establish a classification between the different solutions.

Kozikaza: interior design software and community 2 in 1

The Kozikaza solution is used online only. Completely free, the interior architect software makes it possible to design 2D and 3D plans for your interior and even exterior spaces. The 3D rendering is very realistic, which this year benefited from a total overhaul. In the near future, Kozikaza will offer as a paid option the HD rendering of the plans at 360 ° and a virtual visit in 3D as well.

Ergonomic and intuitive, Kozikaza software is ideal for rapid handling, whether as an interior architect or an end customer. And if you feel a little lost, the Kozikaza community is rich and active.

Home by me: simple and free architecture software to start

Home by Me, for a long time downloadable on desktop, is now available online only. On a trial basis, this interior designer software offers three free projects to start with, as well as three free realistic images. Then either you buy project packs (€ 22.49 per 10) or you switch to subscription at € 29.99 per month or € 299.99 per year.

With Home by Me, we can design 2D and 3D plans and even virtual visits and an HD rendering. The interior decorative elements are real and come from platforms to which you can then order the selected objects. This is a plus that can frustrate kings with 100% customization.

Cedar architect: for the pros of the interior decorator in the landscaper

Cedar architect is a very complete and very professional interior architect software for designing 2D and 3D plans as well as HD visuals. The paid version will have to be completed after the 15 days of test, at € 59 HT per month. Very advanced, this 100% web solution is intuitive and allows complete personalization of the interior design.

SketchUp: a classic of interior architecture software

Known for a long time, SketchUp software has a most complete catalog of 3D plans on the market. Very simple to use, he was able to attract professionals and amateurs. Since this year, however, SketchUp has offered a version at € 109 per year online only, and a pro version at € 274 per year, where you can either download the software to your desk or use it online. The advantage is that you can access your work even without connection, which the solutions presented above do not offer or no longer. If the free Make version has not been updated since 2017, a new Free version offers very limited functionality, to start with.

Other software for interior architect exists and is equal; however, we believe that one of these four will suit your needs. Let us rightly point out that the first three software we talked about is French: cocorico !

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