How to make a home plan easily?

How to make a home plan easily?

More and more of you want to take the step of starting a home business.

Tense job market, poor work and personal life balance or even easier to self-employed at home are all reasons that blow the pace !

For some of you, this is a retraining. For others, it is simply a matter of carrying out the same activity with you (or with others !) and especially in complete independence.

In both cases, here are 19 home business ideas, but also tips:

  • Why start a home business ?
  • How? ‘Or’ What ? What formalities must be completed ?

Ready to work from home ? Let’s go !

19 home business ideas

Small preamble before going into detail of the ideas of home businesses: we will speak here for the most part of independent activities to exercise from home, but also from others.

Let’s say that in the first case, it’s really about starting a home business, while in the second it’s more about starting a business to practice at the customer’s home.

The common point ? In both cases you are independent. You work from home or with your clients, but in any case not at the office !

Without further ado, here are 19 ideas for starting a booming home business.

Become a creator or artist (fashion, jewelry, painting …)

The homemade, handmade and unique and personalized items are on the rise.

If you have a touch of creativity and above all a real interest in artistic creation, it may be the ideal home business creation project for you.

The possibilities are vast: photography, painting, music, video, sewing, carpentry, jewelry, ready to wear … Everything will depend on your abilities and preferences !

It is undoubtedly a more complex idea of a home business without prior training or experience in the field which attracts you, but still possible in professional retraining for some of you.

Open an online business

If you want to market a product (and why not the ones you create), opening an online business is an idea of setting up a home business.

From a technical point of view, opening an online store is relatively simple and investment is limited, in particular thanks to website creation software like Shopify to name the best known.

The main question to ask is what you are going to sell.

  • Some sell their own products (crafts …)
  • Others develop and produce before selling online or simply use suppliers or wholesalers.
  • Others finally tried e-commerce at lower risk, selling the products in dropshipping (always with Shopify, see our opinion on Shopify to find out more)

In any case, remember that creating your e-commerce site is only one step, then you have to draw people to it !

Convenient to test its ability to bring prospects to its online sales site, but often requires large advertising investments (and limits margins).

Become an independent commercial agent

When looking for a home business idea, having the opportunity to manage your time and be flexible are often the first reasons that are cited. If in addition you have a commercial fiber and have good human contact, you can consider becoming an independent commercial agent.

Whatever the sector, you will be paid on a commission basis and will have great flexibility in managing your activity.

Becoming a self-employed commercial has been fashionable in recent years, and rather buoyant, especially in the real estate sector. Many companies have indeed adopted the real estate agent system (IAD, Safti, Efficity …) to develop their activities. These companies are constantly looking for new profiles.

You will often be on the go, but it remains an idea of starting a home business that is attracting more and more and deserves to be cited here !

Interior decorator

Home-staging, interior design, space layout have no secrets for you ?

You may consider starting your interior design business. You will need certain qualities, including listening skills, creativity and a keen sense of design.

To develop your business, you will have to work on your network. Your old customers will be your best prescribers (references help sell !). Do not neglect artisans, decoration stores or interior architects and architects, who can bring you beautiful missions.

Administrative assistant at home

Many of you also ask us questions about becoming an administrative assistant or home administrative assistant.

On behalf of one or more clients (companies, liberal professions, artisans, associations, individuals, etc.), you can carry out the missions independently from home.

In the relatively buoyant sector, many companies today use the services of assistants and home secretaries. An experiment on a similar position will obviously help you find your first clients.

Good human contact, rigor and excellent organizational skills will be your most precious allies in developing your business. Do not hesitate to offer your customers videoconferencing software or a telephone standard to facilitate your work and especially collaboration.

It is very simple to start with a self-entrepreneur status and then move towards a sole proprietorship or an SASU

Open a guest room (or a gite)

One of the best ideas for starting a home business, since your home becomes the heart of your business !

If you want to welcome travelers to part of your home (in the case of creating a guest room) or if you decide to invest to open a board, you wi ll both need a pronounced taste for human contact and reception.

Be careful not to underestimate this idea of home business:

  • The schedules are binding. It’s about being available to your hosts, and it’s not just about welcoming them.
  • Gîte or guest room often require a large initial investment (work, compliance or even purchase of goods)

Become a chef or a home caterer

You are (very) gifted in cooking ? Why not offer a home catering service !

Whether during receptions (marriage, baptism, …) or festive occasions (anniversaries, evenings, …), it is not necessary to have a room open to the public to exercise the work of chief or caterer at home.

Investments are therefore relatively limited and this offers you great flexibility in your activity, even if it will probably be necessary to spend evenings and weekends there !

Sports coach or home yoga teacher

Self-entrepreneur sports coach, yoga teacher or any other physical / sports activity for that matter (for a while it was Swedish gym !) are on the rise.

The sport and well-being sector is a growing market, and you are increasingly deciding to combine passion and profession by choosing these kinds of activities.

You will be practicing mostly with customers (or in a gym as a freelance), but it is not uncommon to see yoga studios at home !

A diploma or qualification is clearly recommended in order to attract your clientele. Word of mouth will then remain your best tool for developing your business.

Host home workshops (DIY, sewing, cooking …)

You have a taste for human contact and you like to share your passions ? By creating a micro-enterprise at home, you can run various and varied workshops.

You are free to offer activities that not only please you, but will also interest your potential customers. Some examples :

  • Make-up
  • Laundry manufacturing, soaps, …
  • Cooking lessons
  • Gardening lessons
  • Creation of jewelry
  • Sewing class
  • Manufacture of homemade beer (!)

There is something for all tastes !

Investments to get started will depend on the type of workshops you want to offer (and sometimes a room will be required). Again, word of mouth will be your best ally in developing your activity.

Keep children at home

Keeping your children is often a puzzle for parents, whether in the evening, or all day when you are refused a place in a crèche.

By becoming a nanny at home, you have the opportunity to find families who will hire your services. You can decide to welcome children to your home (become a childminder) or to keep them in their home directly.

Provide tutoring or home lessons

Use your educational knowledge and skills by providing academic support to children, adolescents or even adults.

You speak a foreign language ? You can also offer language or conversation courses.

The use of private lessons is more and more common, and you will even have the possibility of giving online courses from your home !

Without any particular prerequisite, this is a liberal activity that you can exercise under the legal status of your choice (micro-enterprise, sole proprietorship, eurl or sasu, …).

Become editor or editor (web)

You have a taste for writing and a good general culture ? Why not offer web writing services ?

With the rise of the internet, the content of websites (blogs, e-commerce site, institutional sites, etc.) is often written by professional editors.

From your home (or even anywhere else !), you can find your customers :

  • Either through generalist or specialized freelance platforms.
  • Either by canvassing according to the areas that interest you.

To progress there are many training courses. Some are free and others pay off, but investing in time or money can be made profitable quickly.

The status of self-entrepreneur is particularly suitable for this type of home business. This activity can also be exercised in addition to a salaried activity (to start for example).

Become a dogsitter (or a catsitter)

Walking and guarding dogs or cats, at home or outside are very fashionable, especially in large cities.

Be careful to take into account the qualifications required and the sometimes strict regulations in this area. You will also often need a van to take animals for a walk in the forest !

Community Manager

Another freelance profession in this article on business ideas to create and manage from home: community manager.

With the emergence and breadth of social networks in our society, running a profile on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or others is essential.

And given the time required to manage its accounts on social networks, more and more companies are calling on independent community managers to manage this activity.

By becoming Community Manager at home, you will have to manage the promotion and animation of the accounts of one or more companies. Creativity, reactivity and rigor are necessary qualities, and for the rest, you can always train !

As with many freelance trades, the status of self-entrepreneur is very suitable, with its approaches and simplified management.

Start as a home nurse

Whether it is practicing routine health care or accompanying the elderly in their daily lives, nurses are in great demand.

Becoming a nurse at home allows you to save yourself the investment and management of a practice, and to be independent (if you compare with the workforce in a laboratory for example).

Admittedly, this is not an idea of home business as affordable as others already mentioned. Obviously, you have to train before you can exercise, nurse is a regulated activity.

Be careful to integrate your travel costs into the financial calculations you will make before you go to a liberal nurse or nurse.

Massor or masseuse at home

By offering massages directly to customers’ homes, you are sure to offer flexible, high-end service. You may also consider practicing from home.

To facilitate your customer search, diplomas and experience will often be asked, but your reputation and of course your skills will undoubtedly remain your best assets.

A self-entrepreneur status will bring you a simple management, ideal if you start in business creation. However, not all of your fees or charges are deductible. You will have to invest in your equipment, such as a massage table, as well as a vehicle to be able to move around, and creating an EIRL is therefore also possible to get started.

Become physiotherapist at home

Once you have graduated and entered in the Table of the Order of the Sorerapers, you can settle in as a physiotherapist at home.

This means that you practice in the home of your patients, as opposed to a practice for example. Most liberal physiotherapists who make the home also make cabinet, in particular to limit transport (and associated costs and hazards).

You too must ensure that all means necessary for the practice of care are present in your patient’s home (or that you can bring them).

If this is not the case, you are obliged to direct your patient to a collaborator in a firm with the necessary equipment.

Home beautician

In order to practice as an independent home esthetician, you must have a recognized diploma in this area. You also have to go through an installation preparation course (proposed by the Chamber of Trades on which you depend).

Regarding legal status, it may be wise to start your home business in the form of a self-business in order to facilitate its management and limit your investment. Note, however, that all of your transportation costs and expenses related to the purchase of your care products are not deductible.

You can always move to a sole proprietorship or other business once your activity is well underway.

Create a cleaning and cleaning business at home

Last home business idea (among others !), create a cleaning or cleaning business.

You will opt for self-business or employee-employee status, and may still start a company later if you want to further develop your business (for example by recruiting).

On the client side, word of mouth will work well for individuals, as will ad sites. For those who wish to work only with companies, references and canvassing will probably be necessary !

Why start a home business ?

Hard to answer this question for everyone, everyone has their own reasons. The creation of a home business can be a first professional project or a retraining, and be done at any age, and in many sectors.

We have talked about many ideas of starting a home business, and whatever the idea, here are 3 arguments that come up often when asked on Facebook to start a home business today:

  1. Finding customers as a self-employed person is easier than before
  2. Working from home has many advantages (and makes a lot of people dream !)
  3. It is easier to start a business today than 5 or 10 years ago.

Finding customers is easier than before

Most of the home business ideas we have discussed are service activities (to individuals or businesses).

The service sector is buoyant, more and more companies are being created, but the number of potential customers that you can reach is only increasing, notably thanks to the internet, and the fact that companies are outsourcing more and more .

There are as many connecting platforms as there are areas of professional activity (and many announcement sites, social networks …). The competition is there, but so is the demand.

In some cases, the market is even global. An example: you are a web writer, bilingual English. You can even find clients while you sleep, if you are registered on foreign translation or writing platforms !

Getting into your home is easier than before too

In recent years, home business creation has been facilitated for two main reasons.

First of all with the appearance of the status of self-entrepreneur (now micro-entrepreneur). Becoming a self-entrepreneur is easy and free, and managing a micro-enterprise is relatively simple and inexpensive.

Then with the appearance of Legaltech (online legal services), even those who have no knowledge in starting a business (home or not) can now start a business quickly and at an affordable price thanks to the creation of online business.

The benefits of working from home attract you (and you are not alone)

Finally, if you are considering one or other of the ideas of starting a business at home, it is either that you are fed up with your routine, or that you want to avoid it (case of the students who read us for example !).

This is the reason to start a home business that comes up most often.

In both cases, you are interested in the idea of creating your company or micro-enterprise at home, because you are looking for what you cannot have in the office, at the factory, or in a classic business: independence (be his own boss) flexibility, personal and professional life balance and above all the comfort of working from home (or with its customers).

On the disadvantage side, let’s still mention loneliness, and let’s not forget that even at home, a business remains a business, sometimes with its difficulties and a lot of things to manage (accounting, billing, etc.).

How to start a home business ?

We have already mentioned it, starting a home business is much easier and cheaper than before.

The formalities for launching yourself depend a bit on the idea chosen. Some of the ideas cited above are obviously easier to launch than others that require special status (example of home nurses). For most other ideas, here are the business creation steps to follow.

1. Choose the status suitable for your home business

For most of the home business ideas cited, micro-entrepreneur status will be a good starting point. Its definite advantages (facility of creation and management) make it the most chosen status for this kind of activities.

For those who wish to launch a company status, the most frequent options are as follows:

  • SASU (Society by Unipersonal Simplified Actions)
  • EURL (Unipersonal Limited Liability Company)
  • EIRL (Individual Limited Liability Company)
  • EI (Individual Company)

2. Launch creation procedures

Once the status has been chosen, the creation procedures will have to be launched.

  • For micro-entrepreneurs, it’s relatively simple and free to start your micro-enterprise online
  • For companies, you will have 3 choices
    • Create your business alone and complete the procedures
    • Call on an accountant, lawyer or lawyer

Legaltech (such as Captain Contract or Legalstart for example) is a good compromise to start your business quickly and at an affordable price.

To go further, read our articles on the associated stages, formalities and costs:

3. Find your first customers and develop your business

Once the business is created, you will need to arrange your home if necessary, or buy the means of transport (and equipment) necessary to carry out your business with your customers.

And customers will have to be found !

Most companies that start a home business are already starting with a few customers. This is often the case when you test your business idea in parallel with your activity !

For the others, according to the idea, it will be necessary to rely on the network, the connecting platforms or even the social networks to find its first customers !

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