How to design your house piece by piece?

How to design your house piece by piece?

In the plan of a house, once you have determined the living space, you must arrange the rooms one after the other. This organization largely depends on how you live. But to make your home functional and pleasant, you must also take into account the dimensions of your furniture and the way in which you will install them.


Located in the space day, it makes the junction between the public area from the outside and the private area. From there, can also leave the corridor which serves the night part. It then occupies a central position on the facade of the house.
Simple corridor or hall (at least 1
.20 m wide), it must be functional. No need to plan it too spacious. You do not receive in your entrance hall !
The ideal is to install a cupboard (60 cm deep) which will serve as a cloakroom for storing jackets, coats, shoes, bags, etc. If you don’t have room for a closet, plan patères and a shallow little piece of furniture.

The kitchen

It belongs to the day zone. Preferably located near the entrance and the garage, it should be easily accessible when you return from the races.
Today the kitchen has become a room to live in its own right and no longer a hidden service room. But until you want to show it: Kitchen closed or open on the dining room ? This choice depends on your habits but also on the size of the room.

A well-organized small kitchen will be more pleasant if it is open or separated from the stay by a bar where you can occasionally have a quick meal. If it is large enough (minimum 12 m²), you can install furniture, appliances and a table where the family will settle for meals.

The living room

Like cooking, the functions of the living room have evolved considerably. Currently it is the main place of life for the family. Having an open kitchen will allow you to visually enlarge this space.

To organize it functionally, leave at least 3.50 m of retreat between the sofa and the television (the larger your screen, the more you need to back off). Likewise if you are planning a stove (wood or granules), follow a safety distance between the heating device and the walls (about 50cm) or the furniture (about 1 m).

The living room, ideally exposed to the south or southwest, must have the largest bay windows in the house. Extend it by a terrace.

Parents’ room

Located in the dark space, it must be a pleasant and relaxing place.
When choosing dimensions, take into account that you sleep better in a 160 X 200 bed.
It’s about to become a standard. You should be able to turn around the bed easily. Plan at least, 60 cm on the side and 90 cm at the foot of the bed. Install 2 chevets, a dressing room over the entire width of a wall pan and voila, your room ready !
In fact about 10 m² is enough for a functional chamber.

From this base, you can of course make it bigger. But don’t do it at the expense of space day. If, on the other hand, you have room, you can consider a parental suite with room and private bathroom.

For a dressing room of 2 people, count 3 m long and 60 to 70 cm wide. Place the front door so that you can have a whole section of wall to install it.

The children’s room

It must be able to evolve as children grow up. It is not only their place of rest but also their space for work and play. There too with ten m², you can create a functional room.

In the child’s room, the bed (which will evolve from the baby bed to the bed 1st place of the adolescent to see in the bed 2 places), can be pushed against a wall in order to free up space on the ground for the game. A 1.50 m long dressing room is sufficient, especially since it is necessary to leave room for an office and storage.

The water rooms: bathroom, toilet

Plan 2 bathrooms. It’s more comfortable especially if you have children !
The main bathroom must be sufficient for 2 people (minimum 6 m²). If possible, plan 1 shower and a bathtub. A closet for storing laundry and toiletries is always interesting.
Installed between the parents’ room and those of the children, it is a buffer between its two spaces.

The second bathroom can be smaller (minimum 4 m²) and only have a shower, a sink and possibly a toilet. Install it on the children’s bedroom side or on the ground floor.

Having 2 toilets is also an important element of comfort. Avoid installing a toilet in the bathroom. Except, possibly in your parental suite. Think it is best for the toilet door to open to the outside.

The cellar

If you can, plan a cellar. 5 to 6 m² is sufficient to create this storage and storage space. Ideally located between the kitchen and the garage, it can ac commodate the washing machine and the dryer, a freezer, etc.
If your house is on the basement, a cellar is not necessarily useful. Keep a large kitchen.

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