How to configure a proxy on your Android smartphone?

How to configure a proxy on your Android smartphone?

Some administrations, companies and even schools require the use of a proxy to access the internet. If your Android smartphone or tablet fails to connect to the web, you will need to change the settings for your Wifi connection. You don’t know how to do it ? Here are the steps to configure a proxy server on Android.

What is a proxy ?

We call proxy server, a computer serving as a bridge between your mobile device and the internet network. Without going into technical details, this device is used not only to secure your machine but also to speed up the speed of your connection.

In fact, a significant number of companies and large administrations use this type of machine. This saves them from bandwidth and provides quality internet access to their employees or users. We often forget it, but bandwidth is expensive.

To reduce the use of data, the proxy server uses a caching system. So when you browse a site, it will automatically keep a copy of the pages you visit. The next time a user tries to open this page, the proxy server will return the previously stored one to them. Not only does this technique accelerate exchanges on the net, but it also makes it possible to better manage bandwidth.

Filtering websites

Companies and large organizations have been confronted for several years with a booming phenomenon, the illegal downloading of files. Indeed since the creation of Hadopi some clever little people have gotten into the bad habit of using their company’s internet connection to engage in illegal practices.

To combat its behavior, most companies have set up a filtering system on the proxy. Once activated, it will block access to all sites broadcasting images contrary to morality or considered to be malicious.

Finally, last important point, contrary to what some people think, you are not anonymous when you surf through a proxy. The network administrator has traces of your visits in the form of log files. According to several studies, many companies monitor the internet access of their employees.

Add an internet proxy to a Wifi connection to Android

Now that you know what a proxy is for, let’s see how to install it on an Android smartphone. This operation does not require any particular technical competence. You will just need to modify the parameters of your Wifi connection.

  • Open the settings of your smartphone or Android tablet
  • Click on the Wifi section
  • List the network name you want to change
  • Leave your finger pressed on it and then click on modify the network
  • Then lower the window and check the advanced options box
  • Click on proxy then on Manuel
  • Enter the IP address of the proxy server provided by the IT manager of your company or the organization that provides wireless internet access
  • Enter the proxy port
  • Validate your configuration by clicking on the save button

Here’s your smartphone now able to use a proxy server. To see if everything is working well, you just need to connect to your wireless internet access and go to a site using your usual browser.

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