How to choose the best free proxy server?

How to choose the best free proxy server?

Free proxy servers, like paid proxy servers, help Internet users explore privacy on the Internet. The proxy server permeates the Internet browser with an Internet protocol address (IP) different from the user’s actual IP address, which makes it somewhat anonymous. The choice of the right free proxy server depends on the domain extension, the number of advertisements, the current number of visitors, the time at which the public proxy server was put online and the country of origin.

The domain extension, or the two or three letters – such as .com or .org – located at the end of the address of a website, is the first consideration to take into account when choosing the best proxy server free. Normally, the domain extension used does not matter, but sometimes an internet blocker blocks all commercial or .com websites, for example. If this is the case, choose a free proxy server using an educational or .edu program; network or .net; organization, or .org; or a country-specific extension, such as .us for the United States or .ca for Canada. Searching for a free proxy server with an unlocked domain extension allows you to access the proxy in the first place.

Advertising is an important factor, because a free proxy that uses excessive advertising can slow your computer down. Since free proxies are not paid in advance, the owner generally earns money by posting pop-up and pop-under advertisements. This sometimes appears when you access the proxy for the first time, or may appear each time you access a different website. Using a proxy with as little publicity as possible, you will be able to browse websites without unduly slowing down your computer.

The number of visitors at any given time also determines the speed with which a proxy moves. Public agents generally operate with a single IP address. Each visitor must therefore share this address. Therefore, the greater the number of visitors connected at the same time, the slower the movement of the proxy. Some agents will tell you how many people are connected, but most are not. The best way to do this is to use a proxy outside of rush hour.

The length of time a free proxy server is online is a major consideration. Most website blockers constantly update their lists and usually find proxy sites very quickly. Once the proxy is identified, it is blocked. It is best to find a free proxy server that has only been online for a few hours to a few weeks. If the proxy has been in existence for several months, it is likely to be blocked.

The country of origin or origin of the IP address of the proxy can make all the difference between consulting a website of your choice and limiting your navigation. For example, many countries in the Middle East and Asia use internet blockers across the country. Most countries in Europe and North America have neither very relaxed blockers nor blockers. For maximum Internet access, search for a free proxy server using an IP address from a country with a limited blocker or no blocker.


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